http://tradeyodha.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/bull-market-versus-bear-market-battle.jpgA Financial Market is a constant battle between Bulls and Bears. As participants on either side we have to be prepared with a battle plan in advance. Those who prepare and plan in advance have better chances of winning this battle. For a trader/investor it means thorough market study, psychology and trading plan or investment plan with specific rules.
art of war bookMy favourite quote from the book “Art of War” is:

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.

This can easily be applied to the financial markets. Traders or investors who are well planned and prepared are “Victorious Warriors”. They participate in markets with their specific well thought of plans. Their preparation before each battle (trade/investment) makes them Victorious by winning most of the battle in advance. These are “Pro” Traders or Investors.
At the other hand participants who do not plan and get in to this battle without preparation end up losing heavily. They “Hope and Pray” to survive and possibly make little profits. These are “Novice” Traders/Investors.

Like any battle without planning and preparation no “Hope and Pray” works.

TradeYodha - The Financial Battle Warrior
TradeYodha – The Financial Battle Warrior

In that respect, being participants in a financial market we all are Yodhas i.e. Warriors. “Yodhais an ancient Sanskrit term for a Warrior. It was later borrowed in to English from Sanskrit asYoda“.

Warriors must plan, prepare and execute with highest degree of precision and psychology. This battle does not end as long as you are in the market no matter how experienced you are. A true warrior gets old and experienced but never stops learning, planning and preparing.

This blog is targeted towards my trading journey and logs of my trading battles in financial markets.

My best wishes for your battle.


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