Making Money in London AIM Markets

Making Money in London AIM Markets

1. Never have ego. Market feeds on people with ego because they are one who are trapped more often and get their stops hit. They buy high and sell low. Is that how you usually do your shopping? Aren’t you supposed to buy low and sell high?

2. Market manipulation (AIM is heavily manipulated by hedge funds and institution who release news, tips etc. Watch Jim Cramer’s video on that, If you can not beat them in their game, you have no chance of survival. So at least stay in the game with them. They have the kind of money to move a stock up and down.)

3. Charts and market behaviours (You can not escape that. Chart shows orders filled and L2 shows orders in book. They tell you what will happen with 80% of accuracy in my experience not matter what RNSs. Charts are representation of market psychology)

4. Investment versus trading (hedge funds trade, novices invest in AIM. Read up on 4 emotional cycles link)

5.Never trust any one. Make your own decisions and research. If you are not capable enough, stop trading/investing and study markets.

6. Plan your trades/investments and follow that. Remember: “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win – Art of War”. This quote explains the difference between professionals and novices.

7. Trade what you see, don’t speculate

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